Celebrity Santa is the Real Santa Claus

TV Guest & TV Presenter

Celebrity Santa Claus is the most popular TV Santa in the UK. If you have seen Father Christmas on UK television, more often than not it will have been Celebrity Santa, the real Santa Claus. With a huge personality and sense of humour adding jollity with every performance, he is a favourite with TV and film producers not ,only because of his consummate professionalism, but also he brings laughter to the set that makes even the most unforgiving long day’s filming fun. Celebrity Santa loves interviews and can answer all the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask him.

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Celebrity Santa is also a master at TV presenting, working with autocue and talkback. No one else comes close to Celebrity Santa Claus’s versatility. With his ability to think on his feet, he is a must for Live TV and is the master of the adlib.

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